My name is James (or Jimmy) and I am very passionate about promoting the role of locally grown organic food. I think our food system that ships food all across the country (and the world) just doesn’t make sense in a world that is obviously suffering under the strain of human impact. Having come from a background in civil engineering and urban planning, I have spent the last few years volunteering abroad on small scale organic and permaculture farms in a number of countries and have developed a strong sense of how food can be grown efficiently and without chemicals in relatively small spaces. I hope to use this knowledge to begin making small steps towards a less ridiculous food system.


My first step is to raise some capital to start a small backyard based urban farming project in Brisbane, you can read about or donate to the campaign here www.startsomegood.com/backyardfarming. During this campaign, I will be cycling solo and unassisted from Brisbane to Hobart dressed as a giant carrot in an effort to highlight the stupid distances that food is transported to get to our supermarket shelves.


I hope this will be the first of many cycle farming adventures and ultimately I would like to start a farm myself using pedal powered machinery.


Me in 30 years.


One thought on “About

  1. Hey Jimmy, heard a but on the radio this morning, I’m on out the outskirts of St Helens, you’ll ride past my place on the left hand side just before you leave Anson’s bay rd, probably hear the geese and roosters! Have you got anywhere to crash, be keen for a chat about the urban farming gig, have a safe ride and watch out for the slow tourists and fast local s on the road


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